Limestone Alumni and Friends

What is the Limestone Alumni and Friends Association?

Formed in 1999, the Limestone Alumni and Friends Association is the first organization whose intent is to bring together all graduates and persons who appreciate what LCHS has contributed to their lives

What is the purpose of the Association?

The purpose of the Limestone Alumni and Friends Association is to create an endowment that can be used to enrich the opportunities of LCHS students. This may be in the form of scholarships awarded to graduates to facilitate and entice them to further their education. Other purchases of specialized equipment and supplies not fundable by the school district may also be considered.

Why was the Association Formed?

The Limestone Alumni and Friends Association was formed because no organization existed which brought together all LCHS graduates and those who support the high school. Many other high schools have formed Education Foundations to help their schools and graduates beyond what regular school funding permits. The Limestone Alumni and Friends Association provides an organization through which alumni and friends of LCHS can "give back" to the school community which so greatly contributed to their formative years and later success in life.

Is the Association part of Limestone Community High School?

No, the Limestone Alumni and Friends Association is an independent, not-for-profit organization. It is governed by a Board of Directors.

Who serves on the Association's Board of Directors?

Currently, there are fifteen members of the Board of Directors. They are:

Joleen Bailey '61
Ginger Adams '90
Bill Beach
Patty Caudill '79
Jo Cramer '61
Richard Ingram
Joyce Lauterbach '64
Becky Ledbetter '74
Kelly Milligan-Lovell '83
Donald Rohn '57
Darcy Schindler '95
Bettye Short '74
Ken Snodgrass '74
Dale Schwindenhammer '68
Cindi Staford '67
Betty Stallings '73

The LCHS Superintendent of Schools and an LCHS Board of Education representative serve as ex-officio members of the Board of Directors and act as liaisons with the high school.

What can be contributed to the Association?

In addition to cash contributions, memorial gifts, bequests from wills or estates, or any other form of donation will be accepted. All contributions are tax-free, and contributors will receive acknowledgment of their donation for tax recording purposes.

How does one contribute to the Association?

Contributions of any amount can be sent to the Treasurer:

Mr. Donald Rohn
2329 W. Pinnacle Drive
Dunlap, IL 61525

Mr. Rohn will deposit and maintain all financial records for the Limestone Alumni and Friends Association.

In what other activities does the Association intend to participate?

The Limestone Alumni and Friends Association intends to conduct some fund-raising events on an annual basis and to host various social events intended to reunite alumni and friends of Limestone Community High School. We also plan to serve as a "clearing house" for maintaining the address of all LCHS graduates and assisting classes in the planning of reunion activities.

How can I found out more about the Association?

Contact any of the Board of Directors or call the LCHS Superintendent at (309) 697-6271. In addition to personal information, The Limestone Alumni and Friends Association will be happy to make an informational presentation to your group.