Section 2 - School Board

Section 2:  School Board


            2:10        School District Governance
            2:20        Powers and Duties of the School Board
            2:20-E     Waiver and Modification Request Process
            2:30        School District Elections
            2:40        Board Member Qualifications
            2:50        Board Member Term of Office
            2:60        Board Member Removal From Office
            2:70        Vacancies on School Board – Filling Vacancies
            2:80        Board Member Ethics
            2:80-E     Board Member Code of Conduct
            2:81        Board Dress and Conduct
            2:90        Board Self-Evaluation
            2:100      Board Member Conflict of Interest
            2:105      Ethics and Gift Ban
            2:110      Qualifications, Term, and Duties of Board Officers
            2:120      Board Member Development
            2:125      Board Member Expenses
            2:126      Complimentary Passes
            2:128      Building Keys
            2:130      Board-Superintendent Relationship
            2:140      Communications To and From the Board
            2:140-E   Board Communications
            2:150      Board Committees
            2:160      School Attorney
            2:170      School Architect
            2:200      Types of School Board Meetings
            2:210      Board Meetings
            2:220      School Board Meeting Procedure
            2:230      Public Participation at School Board Meetings and Petitions to the Board
            2:240      Board Policy Development
            2:250      Access to District Public Records
            2:250-E   Immediately Available Public Records
            2:260      Uniform Grievance Procedures